It’s all about the cookies

Regain free time for your passions with a Boulder Creek Home
Posted December 7, 2018

“It’s all about the cookies”

Regain free time for your passions with a Boulder Creek Home

Did you ever stop and wonder why so many of us choose cheer over chores just during the holidays? Is it possible that every season could be “the most wonderful time of the year?” A story relayed from a Boulder Creek homeowner asks and answers this question.

It was about cookies.

“We chose to live at Brennan By The Lake in Erie because our cookie jar was empty. Seeing the lack of cookies stuffed in our jar made me long for times gone by. The empty jar became a symbol of what had slowly disappeared from my life with my grandchildren. The tradition of baking together had taken a back seat to other ongoing priorities that centered around our home. Caring for our landscape in all its forms during every season became all consuming. Our 1984 home was in constant need of everything one can imagine, especially exterior issues. I had help from my son and grandson as well as hired help. Yet the daily consumption of time to think and do fell upon me. Over time the mixer stayed silent, little hands weren’t cracking eggs, or grabbing the beaters to sneak a lick. I missed watching them sit in front of the lit oven watching their cookies take shape. One day I had an epiphany that if we sold our home and moved to into a Boulder Creek home, a huge block of free time would drop into my lap and the weight of the “must – dos” would lift off my shoulders. Now that we are waking up every day in our new home at Brennan by the Lake, I am grateful for getting free time back to where it once was. The to-do lists are gone and I feel at peace knowing I can focus on what nourishes me and my family. We’ve been in our new home for a month and already gingerbread boys have been cut out on our island, the teens came over to make homemade pizzas and the traditional holiday cookies will be filling our home with the old scents of our youth. I can’t neglect to mention my extra free time has also allowed me to swim every morning, spend more time with friends, and dive back into children’s portrait photography. We can leave on a road trip without a thought of home. All the passions I once had returned to my life. I’ll never look back. Even though many old doors have been reopened, it’s really all about precious time with the grandchildren and the cookies. Those memories are forever. Raking leaves is not.”

It’s a touching story about reprioritizing the way we spend our time, not just during the holidays, but for now and for years to come. And it’s a story that the team at Boulder Creek Neighborhoods hears almost every day. Sure – it’s not always about cookies. Sometimes it’s about traveling the world, writing a novel, or volunteering in the community. But it almost always centers around the desire to simplify, downsize, and move in to a home designed with a new lifestyle in mind.

The decision to downsize into a new home is one that takes time to make. The large family home where a career was built and a family was raised may not be the right t any longer. As the home continues to age, the home maintenance list gets longer and longer. Not only that, but the time and resources spent heating, cooling, and cleaning the extra rooms and maintaining the large yard are a constant that is added to rising maintenance costs. Yes, the decision to move can be tough, but it can also be a welcome, and well-deserved graduation into a new, low-maintenance lifestyle.

Boulder Creek Neighborhoods is known in Boulder County and beyond for their low-maintenance neighborhoods, meaning that the homes and neighborhoods are designed with durability and efficiency in mind, as well as enlisting the help of a Lifestyle Association to manage the outdoor maintenance chores on the homeowner’s behalf. That means that the lawn mower, rakes, and snow shovel can be traded in for cookies, travel, and peace of mind.


While the idea of a low-maintenance lifestyle strikes a chord with many, it’s clearly only one part of the equation for new homebuyers. The other piece is equally as important – the home itself. Boulder Creek shines here as well, with award-winning floorplans throughout their home collections – all designed with the rightsizing buyer in mind.

Boulder Creek Neighborhoods’ commitment to homeowners seeking a life fully lived is their reason for being. A new home with a low-maintenance lifestyle allows homeowners to get back to their cookies, back to their travel, back to their lives. If you would like to learn more about how a low-maintenance home can change your life, call 303.309.0088 to speak with Boulder Creek’s dedicated sales concierge team. They are available seven days a week to answer any questions and guide your new home search. For more information about low-maintenance living and Boulder Creek’s low-maintenance homes and neighborhoods, visit

Source: Daily Camera At Home Article: December 7, 2018