Rita and Glenn Make Memories

The best way to spend money is making memories not accumulating stuff
Posted November 9, 2018

A New Home Creates a New Lifestyle

Boulder Creek’s Low-Maintenance Homes in Erie

Rita Myers-Wieringa and her husband, Glenn Wieringa, believe the “best way to spend money is making memories, not accumulating stuff,” she said. Thus, when they determined to move to Colorado to be closer to their daughter, they also determined to “right-size,” as those at the acclaimed Louisville-based lifestyle builder Boulder Creek Neighborhoods term downsizing, and make more memories traveling, dabbling in hobbies and cultural events and sharing time with family and friends.

The couple relocated from Santa Fe, where Rita retired as an emergency room nurse and Glenn led the state government’s underage drinking prevention program. They culled through a lifetime of “treasures and junk,” Rita said, and “brought to Colorado the things that brought us joy.” Such items included a beloved grandfather clock from Rita’s parents and furniture handmade in Santa Fe. “These are things my mom had or we had gotten early in our marriage,” Rita said.

Yet resolving to downsize is merely the first step. A Realtor introduced them to Boulder Creek’s Brennan by the Lake in Erie, and though Rita and Glenn didn’t expect to favor a townhome – “we’d already done the townhome thing after we were first married,” Rita said – the layout, look, quality and price of a “yourHouse” townhome by Boulder Creek at Brennan by the Lake proved to be the perfect solution to their downsizing needs.

Modern townhomes with entertaining space

“It’s larger than you might expect in a townhome, and we love that the laundry room is in a closet in the master bedroom. I like the modern feel, the size of the great room and how the kitchen spills over into the rest of the  ouse,” Glenn said. “We never have to go upstairs.” Rita and Glenn opted for a ranch-style townhome, and dedicate the upstairs bedroom, full bath and sitting area for their many guests.

Since Glenn and Rita moved a year ago, they’ve poured themselves into worldwide travel, having recently returned from trips to Amsterdam, Norway and Iceland. “We gave up a large place in Santa Fe but gained a relaxing lifestyle,” Rita said. They’ve made their yourHouse truly feel like home – painting a wall in the great room bright red and hanging dynamic paintings, including one of a charging elephant, picked up at a Denver Art Walk. “We like lots of color. I don’t think we’re done painting the walls,” Glenn said. Rita said she appreciates “the great sun exposure” and how light radiates off the walls and art in their home.

Micah Davidson, Community Manager at Brennan by the Lake, explained “The buyers interested in Brennan by the Lake really like the floorplans and cleverly designed layouts. The square footage is open, bright and buyers can choose from several two-story configurations, or (like the Wieringas) select one of two main-floor master townhome designs –with all daily needs on the main floor, and additional guest space upstairs. Many of the buyers are excited to move into a low-maintenance home from Boulder Creek.” Davidson said. Indeed, Boulder Creek’s reputation for low-maintenance living and excellent craftsmanship first attracted Rita and Glenn to the neighborhood.

Low-maintenance means more time for hobbies, travel, family

Boulder Creek Neighborhoods’ primary draw for Rita and Glenn, was the low-maintenance lifestyle. Davidson is quick to point out that “the HOA manages a handful of exterior home maintenance chores, leaving more time for you.” Rita and Glenn are “more than happy,” Glenn said, to cherish weekends without weeding, winters without shoveling and summers without trimming, mowing, or house painting.

‘Always something to do’ in Erie

Glenn and Rita savor the walking paths ringing Thompson Reservoir, adjacent to Brennan by the Lake, and frequently wander into Downtown Erie. “We wanted to live in an established community,” Rita said. Glenn added, “The downtown is nice to take guests to. We like to show them the town and the historical national registry heritage.” Rita concurred, “Erie’s sense of place and sense of community is important to us.” Glenn enjoys studying Erie’s history. “It’s interesting to go deep studying the history of a place,” he said.

Erie’s charm extends beyond its history. “It seems like there’s always something to do,” Rita said. “The community center has a lot to offer and hosts featured speakers and day trips. Every weekend there’s something in Erie, from Biscuit Day and the farmer’s market to festivals.” Rita and Glenn ride their bikes to the library and even their doctor appointments.

Easy access to Thompson Reservoir and Boulder

“Brennan by the Lake is a great location in Erie. It’s perfectly located a few minutes from I-25 with easy access to Boulder.” Davidson said. “You get to share in the charm of Erie as well as the many nearby communities with that small-town feel.” Erie has been named among “Best Places to Live in America” by Money Magazine and boasts outstanding views and unbeatable weather. The Thompson Reservoir, Glenn’s favorite place for dog  alking, is stocked with rainbow trout and features walking trails, picnic areas and wildlife viewing.

In the Brennan neighborhood, Colorado-inspired landscaping includes a large park, and Rita tends a plot in the community garden. “We like to sit on our patio and talk to the people passing by,” she said. “This is a very friendly neighborhood.” Rita participates in a ladies’ coffee gathering each Thursday as well as a neighborhood book club.

‘Right-sizing’ is liberating, environmentally conscious

“Moving to a Boulder Creek home has been freeing,” Rita said. “We were able to get rid of excess and live simply.” Glenn said, “Being able to travel without worrying about landscaping is also freeing. We want to spend our days traveling, making memories.” Boulder Creek Neighborhood’s commitment to vivacious, meaningful living extends to the way home buyers will interact with their new homes. Low-maintenance homes at Brennan include top Energy Star-rated appliances and high-efficiency furnaces. After all, “durability and efficiency contribute to a low-maintenance lifestyle by reducing the likelihood of expensive home maintenance and repair projects,” said Davidson, with a nod to resource efficiency and monthly energy bills. “This frees up time and resources to spend on other activities, such as friends and family, hobbies and travel” and reduces stress about the home.

Source: Daily Camera At Home Article: November 9, 2018