Taylor's wee-Cottage® Story

The wee-Cottages are the perfectsize for me.
Posted May 6, 2017

Wee-Cottage®: Smaller Size, Bigger Benefits

“The wee-Cottage are the perfect size for me.”

When it comes to a home, not everyone wants a big house with a matching yard that requires a lot of upkeep, holding you back from spending your free time doing the things you really enjoy. Taylor Anderson, a Front Range resident, says that it was precisely that feeling of wanting to spend her free time on her own terms, that led her to purchase a wee-Cottage® at the Lakes at Centerra in Loveland. And, after purchasing a wee-Cottage from Boulder Creek Neighborhoods and right-sizing her home, she spends time hiking, biking, and doing more of what she loves.

“I consider myself a minimalist, so I started my home search by looking at tiny houses. But as I got further into the process, I realized that it wasn’t realistic. The wee- Cottages are the perfect size for me,” says Anderson.

Many buyers across the Front Range feel the same way, particularly those in their retirement. Large houses become especially difficult for older occupants, and maintaining the exterior and the landscaping becomes a huge undertaking. “I love the fact that they take care of the outside,” says Anderson, “When I’m off work, I want to be out mountain biking or trail hiking. I don’t want to do yard work but I still want it to look pretty.” And by purchasing a wee-Cottage from Boulder Creek Neighborhoods, you’re making just such an investment in your free time.

Finding such a home is no easy feat in today’s housing market. In the past 60 years, the size of the average American home have more than doubled in size, from 900 sq. ft. in the 1950s to nearly 2,8000 sq. ft. in the last decade. Because both cost and size have ballooned over the past decades, many buyers feel overwhelmed by the amount of work it takes to own and maintain a home, particularly one in the Front Range. A beautiful home without all the work? It’s possible with a wee-Cottage from Boulder Creek Neighborhoods. As Anderson puts it, “I can be proud of my yard even though I had nothing to do with it.”

With snow removal and lawn care a thing of the past, Anderson has been able to simply enjoy her new home and community. Nestled among a beautiful landscape next to a dazzling blue lake, the Lakes at Centerra provides residents with the ideal backdrop to relax and enjoy their low-maintenance lifestyles. “I love the community because you have a lot of like-minded people, who make for great neighbors…from couples to singles, we all just want a smaller, easy home to take care of.” Instead of mowing the lawn or landscaping, Anderson spends her time living life to the fullest.

Surprisingly, Anderson says that perhaps the most enjoyable aspect of buying a wee-Cottage from Boulder Creek was the experience of the home-buying process itself. “David (Gregg, Community Manager at Boulder Creek Neighborhoods), who sold me my cottage, was just wonderful. He and the construction managers took me on several different walk-throughs during construction. And Alex (Bane, Customer Service Representative) takes care of anything after the fact, so there’s nothing to worry about.”

Part of the ease of the home-buying process with Boulder Creek Neighborhoods comes from the company’s many years of experience building homes that are second to none. As Anderson puts it, “I feel like they are trustworthy, attentive, and they’ve been doing this for years—they can build you a good solid house and walk you through the whole process.” In short, by buying at house from Boulder Creek Neighborhoods, you get a right-sized, low-maintenance home at a price that’s significantly lower than most options in the current housing market without having to sacrifice quality or location—because Boulder Creek believes that your home is a significant part of your life, so it should be as comfortable, efficient, and convenient as possible.

And how does Anderson feel now that the process is finished and she has moved into her new wee-Cottage? “I’m happy,” she says, adding, “Happier than I would be in a cookie cutter house with a big yard and lots of cleaning and yard work to do.”

Source: Daily Camera At Home Article: May 6, 2017