• Stephanie Spetter

    Stephanie Spetter

    Executive Assistant
  • Jeana Schneider

    Jeana Schneider

    Senior Administrator
  • Melody Jauregui

    Melody Jauregui

    Senior Administrator
  • Amarae McGrath

    Amarae McGrath

    Senior Administrative Assistant
  • Teri Fink

    Teri Fink

    Administrative Assistant
  • Cliff Thompson

    Cliff Thompson

    Systems & Training Specialist


  • Kyle Ellis

    Kyle Ellis

    Project Manager
  • Cody Bandemer

    Cody Bandemer

    Construction Manager
  • JD Schulze

    JD Schulze

    Construction Manager
  • Gary DeKoker

    Gary DeKoker

    Construction Manager
  • Dennis Bauer

    Dennis Bauer

    Construction Manager
  • Brad Workman

    Brad Workman

    Construction Manager
  • Mike Funari

    Mike Funari

    Construction Manager
  • Jacob Janisch

    Jacob Janisch

    Construction Manager
  • Mike Day

    Mike Day

    Construction Manager
  • Jim McDevitt

    Jim McDevitt

    Construction Manager
  • Justin Catlin

    Justin Catlin

    Assistant Construction Manager
  • Sergio Paez

    Sergio Paez

    Senior Construction Technician
  • Cory Snyder

    Cory Snyder

    Construction Technician
  • Rick Gomez

    Rick Gomez

    Construction Laborer

Community Development

  • Michael Cooper

    Michael Cooper

    Director of Community Development
  • Megan Bauder

    Megan Bauder

    Entitlements Coordinator

Contract Administration

  • Debbie Barker

    Debbie Barker

    Director of Contract Administration
  • Amy Bellows

    Amy Bellows

    Transaction Coordinator

Executive Team

  • David Sinkey

    David Sinkey

    Founder / President
  • Steve Erickson

    Steve Erickson

    Founder / CIO / General Counsel
  • Michael Sinkey

    Michael Sinkey

    Founder / VP of Operations
  • David Oyler

    David Oyler

    Executive Vice President
  • Kacey Funari

    Kacey Funari

    Chief Financial Officer
  • Jessica Champlin

    Jessica Champlin

    Chief Revenue Officer


  • Lisa Mason

    Lisa Mason

    Accounting Manager
  • Kristie Conroy

    Kristie Conroy

    Finance Analyst
  • Kristen Catlin

    Kristen Catlin

    Accounts Payable Specialist

Human Resources

  • Patrick Wilkinson

    Patrick Wilkinson

    Director of HR

Home Owner's Association

  • Betty Gallegos

    Betty Gallegos

    HOA Relationship Manager

Land Development

  • John Schutte

    John Schutte

    Land Development Superintendent
  • Megan Bauder

    Megan Bauder

    Land Development Coordinator


  • Seth Williamson

    Seth Williamson

    Online Sales Specialist
  • Alissa Lorenz

    Alissa Lorenz

    Online Sales Concierge
  • Jason Sinkey

    Jason Sinkey

    Creative Manager
  • Brandon Eide

    Brandon Eide

    Marketing Coordinator
  • Trena Landin

    Trena Landin

    Home Design Specialist
  • Kimberly Hathcock

    Kimberly Hathcock

    Home Design Specialist

Product Development

  • Mitch Traeger

    Mitch Traeger

    Director of Product Development
  • Mike Jackson

    Mike Jackson

    Product Development Manager
  • Robin Mohlenkamp

    Robin Mohlenkamp

    Product Development Specialist


  • Andy Makely

    Andy Makely

    Director of Purchasing
  • Jonathan Chowgule

    Jonathan Chowgule

    Purchasing Agent
  • Chris Hauser

    Chris Hauser

    Purchasing Agent

Sales Team

  • Brian Fink

    Brian Fink

    VP of Sales
  • Chris Mason

    Chris Mason

    Community Manager
  • Drew Kell

    Drew Kell

    Community Manager
  • Karen Sanders

    Karen Sanders

    Community Manager
  • Micah Davidson

    Micah Davidson

    Community Manager
  • Donna Lu Gamberg

    Donna Lu Gamberg

    Assistant Community Manager
  • Nathan Garner

    Nathan Garner

    Assistant Community Manager
  • Rebecca Lucero

    Rebecca Lucero

    Community Manager
  • Tim Howk

    Tim Howk

    Assistant Community Manager

Warranty Service

  • Todd Gardner

    Todd Gardner

    Director of Warranty
  • Allison Stepnitz

    Allison Stepnitz

    Warranty Coordinator
  • Rob Cannan

    Rob Cannan

    Warranty Representative
  • Piotr Gumowski

    Piotr Gumowski

    Warranty Representative
  • Gage Perrine

    Gage Perrine

    Warranty Representative

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