2012: Boulder Creek Builders' Most Successful Year Yet

Posted December 17, 2012

Thanks to all of you, 2012 has been Boulder Creek Builders’ best year yet.

We expect to add 10 new employees this year, nearly doubling our staff. It’s a good thing, too– with three times the visitors and twice the sales of 2011, we needed a few more hands on deck!

The last year has also brought two MAME awards, eight awards from the 2012 Flatirons Home Builders Association, including the coveted “Best of Tour” award, and the prestigious Silver Achievement Award for “Best Detached Home On the Boards” during the 2012 NAHB’s International Builders’ Show.

Thanks to our supporters, we look forward to further investing in low-maintenance communities from Stapleton to Louisville.

Thanks for being part of a bright 2012…may 2013 be even better.