Boulder Creek Welcomes Bill Besher to Kingsbridge Townhomes

Posted September 20, 2010

The Kingsbridge Townhomes in Longmont aren’t just notable for their location and incomparable amenities…the already-strong sales office has recently been enhanced by veteran sales team member Bill Besher.  We asked Bill for more information about his past in sales and what makes Kingsbridge the perfect intersection of life and home:

Boulder Creek Life and Home:  Bill, tell us about your background in sales.

Bill Besher:  I have been doing sales and sales training for years, both in outside and interior sales.  I found this industry about six years ago and have been selling new homes ever since.  When I helped sell out another project at Boulder Creek Life and Home, I was asked to move on to Kingsbridge…and it’s been a really wonderful project so far.

BC:  So what makes Kingsbridge unique?

BB:  First of all, our buyers are extremely diverse.  The property is a great fit for anyone from a first-time buyer to those who are ready to simplify their lives and be near some great amenities.
BC:  What’s most exciting about the Kingsbridge Townhomes to visitors?

BB:  People get really thrilled about the green building techniques Boulder Creek uses to increase efficiency and reduce waste.  They also get excited about the quality of the homes, especially compared to other new construction in the area.  Their choices in West Longmont are often limited to older, less efficient homes with no opportunities for personalization.  We offer a great alternative, with proximity to Boulder and everything Longmont has to offer.

BC:  Speaking of the area, what amenities are available nearby?

BB:  Kingsbridge Townhomes are located in a quiet area that’s still within a mile of shopping and restaurants.  Even better, there are some amazing recreational opportunities right nearby.  Trails, hiking, tourist activities, skiing…it’s all within reach.

BC:  What’s your favorite feature of the Kingsbridge Townhomes?

BB:  I love the garage storage…what can I say, I’m always looking for a place to store my bike.  In addition, I think that the courtyard concept of the Kingsbridge townhomes has incredible curb appeal.  Think downtown Keystone…a sort of resort style feel with really attractive stonework and columns.

BC:  Do you have a favorite floorplan?

BB:  They all are unique, but I’d say that the Milan is a favorite.  It’s perfect for a family looking to simplify….lots of storage, natural light and a great open feel.

BC:  What do you want the world to know about Kingsbridge Townhomes?

BB:  That’s easy…that they’re not your typical townhome.  I’d encourage those who are interested in the homes to come inside and take a look at the single-family living that’s available in these high-efficiency townhomes.  I hear it all time…”Wow, I didn’t expect all this in here.”

BC:  Any final words on Boulder Creek Life and Home or the Kingsbridge Townhomes?

BC:  Sure.  I truly believe that Boulder Creek Life and Home is building in a fashion that most other builders have abandoned.  That’s what separates us and the Kingsbridge Townhomes from the pack.

Want to see Kingsbridge Townhomes for yourself?  Visit Bill at the sales office at Kingsbridge in west Longmont, 1656 Venice Lane, Longmont, CO 80503.  Learn more about Kingsbridge at