Green Building - Not Just A Fad

Posted March 4, 2010

This week has been rife with news on green building techniques finally, finally! hitting the mainstream.  The New York Times reports that several significant commercial real estate investors have decided to “green” their portfolios, green building expos are on the rise, and some of the country’s largest builders are finally jumping on the green bandwagon.  Of course this news makes us smile…because at Boulder Creek Life and Home, green building practices have been a part of our business as long as we’ve been in business.

So what does green building mean here at Boulder Creek?  Are we bowing to popular trends when we tell our homebuyers about our energy-efficient techniques and Earth-friendly building materials and construction practices?  No way.  Here’s a quick rundown on our green commitment…one that, like our commitment to building quality homes that combine the best in life and home, has never wavered.

  • Green building techniques save money:  There’s a common misconception that a green home is an expensive one.  But we find that using green building practices and installing eco-friendly components actually saves money, increasing a building’s longevity and efficiency without a backbreaking up-front cost.  And once a homebuyer moves into their new green home, the costs of living are significantly smaller than the costs associated with inefficient, poorly insulated and energy-wasting structures of a similar size.
  • Green building techniques create homes for the long haul:  Not many people realize that many of the very techniques that make a home eco-friendly also increase its durability and “shelf life.”  Properly sealed homes resist degradation from air and water; tough, energy-efficient exteriors require less maintenance and last longer; quality roofing and outdoor components will endure for decades.  This long-haul approach means that your Boulder Creek home is a good investment…not a cheaply-built liability.
  • Green building techniques add life to home:  When a home is efficiently lit, properly heated and cooled, well-sealed and decorated with safe, eco-friendly materials, it just feels better.  So you can focus on the things that count.

Learn more about Boulder Creek Life and Home’s commitment to green building techniques (and learn more about the eco-friendly features of our unique communities) by clicking this link.