Our Contribution to World Green Building Week

Posted September 24, 2010

Today marks the last weekday of the first-ever World Green Building Week, a week celebrating the potential and promise of green building in all its glory. So it was more than appropriate that we got word recently that 84% of all waste generated on a home at Blue Vista was recycled.

Why does this statistic matter? Because the more builders can do to keep the environment in mind, the better.

Traditional buildings consume a whopping 40% of the nation’s energy, create nearly 40% of the country’s carbon emissions, and constitute 40% of the waste stream of the entire United States combined every year. In contrast, green buildings can help reduce that impact while delivering homes that are healthy to live in, valuable to invest in, and great for the Earth at large.

Green homes make dollars and sense, and we’re proud to add “green” to our list of the invaluable features that make Boulder Creek communities the perfect mix of life and home. Happy World Green Building Week!