Social Membership Included at Boulder Creek

Posted March 12, 2015 Lifefull Homeowners

Living in a Boulder Creek Neighborhood certainly comes with a long list of advantages. In addition to enjoying a low-maintenance home that fits your active lifestyle, you belong to a community of folks that understand what it means to be friendly and neighborly—then take it to the next level. Perhaps this is because Boulder Creek Neighborhoods truly understands the benefits of fostering amiable relationships within all of our active adult communities in Denver. We love to put on our party-planning hat to host and organize events to encourage members to get out and have fun together. Boulder Creek encourages, and in turn Boulder Creek homeowners foster, a unique sense of community camaraderie and a social membership that can’t be found everywhere. We invite you to learn more about how you can develop your own social hobby and gain a sense of involvement and community as a Boulder Creek Neighborhoods homeowner.

Our active communities in Denver welcome you before you move in.

We often hold open house events in our communities throughout the year. During these get-togethers, future friendships are formed, as neighbors mingle with each other and discover similar interests (and perhaps even a few decorating ideas!). What’s more, individuals who are interested in the neighborhood are invited also, providing them with a sneak peek at their neighbors. (How often do you really get a chance to party with your neighbors before you even move in?)

Calmante recently hosted a community open house brunch (complete with waffles and a Bloody Mary Bar) that allowed residents to meet potential neighbors and answer any questions about being a homeowner. Pinnacle also held a similar event—a Pre-Oscars Party—to get interested buyers and homeowners to connect. This way, when interested homebuyers become new neighbors, they’ve already broken the ice and met the people living around them. Check out the Boulder Creek Neighborhood Facebook page or sign up for emails to learn more about our upcoming community open house events.

Start your own hobby or interest group in the community.

You don’t have to wait for an official Boulder Creek Neighborhood event to see all your favorite neighbors and meet the folks that just moved in down the street. We encourage residents to take the lead and organize their own get-togethers, making our active adult communities in and around Denver the best they can be. Seek out a group that is already meeting and start participating- we’ve already seen walking groups and photography classes organize right in front of our model homes. Or, if no one is spearheading an activity you’d like to do regularly, find some neighbors and plan your own! Go hiking or biking, learn needlepoint or scrapbooking. Get the most out of you social membership in your Boulder Creek Neighborhood—take time to explore, learn, create and grow with your neighbors.

Boulder Creek Neighborhoods are more than an arrangement of intelligently designed, energy-efficient homes. We understand it’s important for you to feel secure and comfortable in your own home, and we strive to extend security and comfort beyond your walls and into the streets and community spaces. It’s easy to understand how everyone watching out for the well being of everyone else creates a positive neighborhood dynamic. Connect with neighbors at one of our organized events or gather with other like-minded individuals and start your own group. We invite you to become our newest neighbor in a Boulder Creek Neighborhood and see how our active adult communities in Denver have been created for people just like you.

To learn more about our communities throughout Boulder County and Denver, visit or drop by and visit us, we would love to show you around. Our easyHouse model homes are located at 1568 Diamond Head Drive in Castle Rock.