The Patio Home: What's All The Buzz About?

Posted March 24, 2016 In The News

What is a patio home?

We often hear people ask us, “What is a patio home, really?  Isn’t it just another ranch-style floorplan?”  To us here at Boulder Creek, a patio home is a home that sets your best intentions free – something that no typical ranch-style home on the market can do.

A Boulder Creek patio home boasts three key features – main floor living, private outdoor living space (typically a patio, deck or courtyard), and a low-maintenance lifestyle.  With a growing population of active adults, there are so many folks interested in Denver patio homes that will support their dynamic Colorado lifestyle.

Why owning a patio home is so popular

Homebuyers seek patio homes throughout Denver for lots of different reasons, but the most common is freedom.   Patio homes deliver all the modern amenities homeowners have on their wish list in the most convenient package, and a Boulder Creek patio home offers a signature style of low-maintenance living that is the cherry on top.

Here are just a handful of reasons why owning a patio home in Denver continues to rise in popularity:

  • Designed to fit your lifestyle—From open layouts to the luxury of leaving yard work behind, patio homes meet the needs of the active adult who would rather spend their time on family, friends and fun instead of doing home-maintenance  At Boulder Creek, that’s something that we call Lifefullness®, and we believe it can’t be found anywhere else.
  • Main-floor living—When everything is within reach, you win. Imagine a late-night snack just steps away from your bedroom, rather than taking the stairs. Got laundry going? Get it out of the dryer and into your closet without schlepping it up or down floors. That’s the beauty of main-floor living.
  • Top-notch design and construction—Buying new with Boulder Creek means you get the benefits of the latest and greatest construction techniques and energy saving features. From the floorplan designs to construction material selections, every detail of a Boulder Creek patio home is finalized with low-maintenance living in mind.
  • Community living —We see it time and time again – Saturday afternoon barbeques, weeknight bookclubs, even neighborhood walking clubs. Living in a patio home neighborhood means that you’re included in a thriving community of like minded folks – all looking to get the most out of life – often in a location that tops your wish list. You can expect the best.

Easy living for a carefree homeowner experience

We always say that our patio homes offer no more than you need and no less than you deserve. With communities of patio homes in Longmont, Stapleton, Aurora Loveland, and Thornton, there are plenty of opportunities to live the active life you love in a home that perfectly complements it. Located in a selection of ideal locations across the Front Range , Boulder Creek patio homes make the most of the Colorado landscape, while providing you with all you need to celebrate, relax, be free and love life. The feeling of being close to nature but with modern conveniences at your doorstep. The security of knowing that with so much taken care of, you can simply enjoy life.

Good for you, good for life

Low-maintenance patio homes are good for all ages. In fact, they only become more desirable as time goes by. If you are a busy working professional, we put time on your side by taking care of the things you’d rather not be spending your weekends doing. Everyone puts a premium on free time, and a low-maintenance patio home in Denver puts your loved ones at the top of your list instead of yard work. Retired? Welcome to the good life. Now that you’ve escaped the daily grind, we fully expect you to get out there and enjoy the fruits of your labor, not weed the yard or rake the leaves.

Welcome home to Boulder Creek Neighborhoods

With patio homes in Denver and Longmont, Boulder Creek Neighborhoods has the right home for you in the location you want. We can’t wait to show you all the reasons why a patio home is the perfect choice for your next home. You’ve done the research, now come see for yourself how a patio home can help you make the most of every minute.

To learn more about our communities throughout Boulder County and Denver, visit or drop by and visit us, we would love to show you around.