The Journey Home: Our Homeowners’ Stories

Posted February 5, 2015 Lifefull Homeowners

The decision to build a new home is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make in life. Your home is an extension of you…and your lifestyle. We’ve made it our mission at Boulder Creek Neighborhoods to not only build homes that perfectly reflect your active adult lifestyle, but also to make the whole homebuilding process as easygoing and low-maintenance as your Boulder Creek home will be.

We know that while we could talk all day about all the benefits of living Boulder Creek, the best people to hear it from are those who have walked in your shoes—our homeowners. Here are some of our favorite stories from those who have partnered with us to create the right home for their unique needs and distinct lifestyles.

Andrew, Calmante

Andrew loves how his home in Calmante has the high quality, clever design and ideal location he was looking for. “The homes are just very well designed, nicely executed and have enough options to make them work perfectly for anyone, in our opinion,” Andrew said. “The layout suits our lifestyle and we make use of the entire home. The location, adjacent to expanses of open space, gives us unlimited opportunity for running, hiking, mountain biking and road cycling.” Andrew added, “There is really something for everyone here in Superior.”

Maureen, Erie Commons

Maureen was searching for low-maintenance, turnkey living at its very best when she found Boulder Creek Neighborhoods. “Our kids are in college and we wanted a turnkey place where we could turn out the lights and travel,” Maureen said. “What attracted me to Boulder Creek Neighborhoods was the layout of their floorplans and the way they utilize the space. They are beautiful homes, well constructed and energy efficient.”

Pam, Pinnacle at Ute Creek

With easy living and flexibility as priorities, Pam was happy to find that Boulder Creek Neighborhoods gave her less to worry about. “I think it would be smart for people of any age to move here. I can go and visit family out-of-town and don’t worry about taking care of the house,” Pam said. With her kids leaving home soon, Pam enjoys low-maintenance living and the clever design of her Boulder Creek home.

Sue and Andrew, Calmante

Sue and Andrew were impressed with Boulder Creek’s high quality and commitment to excellence. “We have learned through this build about the quality that Boulder Creek Neighborhoods brings,” they said. Sue and Andrew also enjoyed working with the team at Boulder Creek. “The interior designer was fabulous, like having our own personal designer.” We treat each home as a partnership between Boulder Creek Neighborhoods and the homeowner, so that we design something that perfectly reflects your lifestyle.

Carter, Calmante

Carter loves how their home feels connected to its beautiful surroundings. “We’ve got south-facing windows and get a lot of light. It gives a spacious feel,” Carter said. “And, the Mesa bike trail system is just a block away.” There’s no excuse not to get outside and enjoy the Great Outdoors. Each Boulder Creek Neighborhood is located in an area with plenty of lifefull™ activities. From chasing sunsets to hiking, our neighborhoods are not only picturesque; they invite you to enjoy everyday adventures.

If you are looking for a low-maintenance community in exciting communities like Louisville, Longmont, or even Castle Rock or Denver, we encourage you to learn more about Boulder Creek Neighborhoods. Our homes and communities are designed to help you spend more of your time doing what you love and less time worrying about your home. From zero steps living to energy efficiency, our homes allow you to celebrate, relax, be free and love life.

To learn more about our communities throughout Boulder County and Denver, visit or drop by and visit us, we would love to show you around.