What to Consider When Downsizing

Posted July 7, 2017 Lifefullness

In a world increasingly focused on “stuff,” the idea of downsizing can be a bit scary.  The term can conjure images of small apartments or tiny living spaces.  At Boulder Creek Neighborhoods, the focus is on “right-sizing” instead.  Making sure you have everything you need, and nothing you don’t. The tangible benefits of “right-sizing” and simplifying your life far outweigh the challenges of getting there.

Take a look around you.  Chances are you can spy at least a few things that you haven’t used in ages – probably items that you wouldn’t mind parting ways with.  Similarly, there may be spaces or even entire rooms in your home that you hardly use, or are no longer relevant in your daily life.  Formal dining rooms and unnecessary bedrooms tend to top that list.  Perhaps you could part ways with these too and realize that your life might really be easier without them. Downsizing into a new home that fits the needs of your life today doesn’t have to be scary.  In fact, right-sizing can simplify you life and free up time to spend on the things that matter most.

The benefits of downsizing

So, what are some of the biggest benefits of downsizing into a new low-maintenance home?

Reduce the time you spend on home maintenance and daily chores. What sounds like a better way to spend your time: hiking in the Front Range and enjoying a meal at the farmer’s market, or spending the afternoon dusting and vacuuming rooms you don’t use?   When you downsize into a low-maintenance home, you get to enjoy the extra time that comes from spending less energy on home maintenance and more on enjoying your life.

Enjoy and experience more freedom. Freedom means something different to everyone.  For some, it means the chance to take a nap instead of mowing the lawn. For others, it means the time to take full advantage of the Colorado lifestyle and head out on a long adventure without worrying about their yard while they’re gone. With a low-maintenance patio home from Boulder Creek Neighborhoods, these dreams can be a reality.

“I think what really drew us to these homes is the lifestyle they offer – we knew we wanted to downsize, so that we could spend less time working on upkeep and more time enjoying each day.” – David B, Boulder Creek Homeowner

Making downsizing easy with Boulder Creek Neighborhoods

If downsizing sounds like something that is easier said than done, rest assured that the Boulder Creek team strives to make downsizing not just doable, but enjoyable, especially for those facing a newly empty nest, or who are looking to retire and enjoy their lives by remaining active.

The first and most obvious way Boulder Creek Neighborhoods can make downsizing easier is with the low-maintenance lifestyle their homes provide. It’s really easy to downsize your lawn equipment when so many outdoor maintenance chores are managed on your behalf.

Having a well-designed floorplan is critical if you are considering downsizing.  Smaller doesn’t always mean it’s the right design for your lifestyle.  Many Boulder Creek floorplans showcase the ease of main floor living, so endless trips up and down the stairs can be a thing of the past. Open concepts make entertaining friends and family a breeze, with wide-open great rooms and flexible floorplans.

“We still want the same things that everyone wants in their home –an open floor plan, high-quality materials, easy to navigate and maintain. For us, it’s a win-win all around.” – David B, Boulder Creek Homeowner

Find the perfectly-sized life with Boulder Creek Neighborhoods

Downsizing doesn’t mean saying goodbye to all your worldly possessions. It means saying hello to a better, more fulfilling lifestyle, full of the things you love and less of the stress. With a Boulder Creek Neighborhoods low-maintenance patio home, you’ll have more room in your life for what matters.

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