Why Buy A New Home?

Posted April 21, 2010

As a new home builder, we specialize in brand-new building…but often notice a disconnect when buyers wonder why they’d go for new construction.  Here’s a quick rundown of the benefits of a new home:

Freedom of Choice:  New home construction means that you can choose many facets of your home instead of having them handed down to you.  From the homesite to the finishes in your kitchen, new construction means plenty of choice and customization.

Green Construction:  Each of our new homes is built green…a feature you simply can’t buy in older homes.  Building green up-front means you won’t have to upgrade later…and can significantly reduce your impact on the Earth’s carbon load and pollution while saving you money in the short term.

Low-Maintenance:  Let’s face it…structural and landscaping issues are the name of the game when you buy an existing home.  But Boulder Creek homes are new and under warranty, which means that repairs are our problem, while our lock-and-leave, low-maintenance commitment forever frees you from shoveling snow and mowing lawns.

Ground-Up Communities:  New homes allow you to be truly invested in your up-and-coming neighborhood, creating community from the ground up.  And with our reasonably-priced homes with access to so many recreational opportunities and amenities, there will be plenty of ways to enjoy your new lifestyle with your new friends.

Did you know that new home construction through Boulder Creek Life and Home starts at under $200,000 in Boulder County?  Visit our website http://livebouldercreek.com for more information…and consider new home construction as you prepare to invest in a home!