Why We Love Realtors

Posted October 15, 2010

At Boulder Creek Life and Home, “We ♥ Realtors®” isn’t just a claim…it’s the truth.  Here’s why:

When Realtors® and builders partner together, incredible things happen.  Families find homes that are right-sized, affordable, and full of the features existing homes can lack…and they do so with the help of both their Realtor®, a seasoned professional who knows the area inside out and is building a business based on customer service and satisfaction, and their builder (Boulder Creek Life and Home), who strives to reach the highest levels of architectural and construction values while managing a building process that’s all about going home.  We think that’s a winning combination…and that’s why we make this pledge to Realtors®:

Boulder Creek understands the vital role Realtors® play for their clients.  We believe that the more closely we work together, the better we can serve the most important person in a transaction:  the customer. Boulder Creek Life and Home pledges:

Respect: We treat all Realtors® and clients with the respect they deserve and respect your relationship with your client.
Relationship: We partner with Realtors® to establish an easy, rewarding working relationship throughout the homebuilding process that includes timely communication, open availability and high quality green built homes.
Reciprocity: Boulder Creek offers prompt payment of the commissions you deserve.
Want to learn more about Boulder Creek’s commitment to Realtors® and its Preferred Realtor Program?  Visit realtors.livebouldercreek.com for details.