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We’re all about homes, but we’re more about living. Boulder Creek homeowners get to say good-bye and good riddance to such time-consuming chores as mowing the lawn and shoveling snow.

Caring For Your New Home

Taking proper care of a home can be challenging, but we’ll be right here to provide you with guidance and information. We have multiple resources available to help you maintain your new Boulder Creek home.

    Warranty Services

    Welcome to the Boulder Creek Warranty Services portal.

    It is our pleasure to offer homeowners a One-Year Limited Warranty on their new Boulder Creek home.


    Please review the information below so that our team is able to properly address your request.

    To submit a warranty request, please complete the warranty request form below and a Boulder Creek representative will be in contact with you.

    IMPORTANT: If you need emergency warranty service DO NOT use the online request form. See below for instructions regarding emergency warranty service.

    Emergency Warranty Service: 720-863-6852

    Boulder Creek warranty emergencies are defined as:
    • Total loss of heat (please note: loss of air conditioning is not an emergency. Please use the form below to request service for your air conditioning system)
    • Total loss of electricity (always check first for power outages in your area)
    • Unable to use water in home
    • Water leak that cannot be stopped without shutting off all the water to the residence

    If you are experiencing one of the emergencies listed above, please call our 24 hour emergency number 720-863-6852. Always take steps to minimize water damage in the event of a leak, including total shut-off of water if necessary. Please note: this number is for warranty emergencies only.

    If you are facing a life-threatening emergency, please immediately call 911 and/or your utility provider if needed.

    The Boulder Creek warranty department operates Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. For general inquiries, please call 303-309-0362.


    For all appliance repairs and warranty, please contact Mountain High Appliance directly at 303–951–0520 or [email protected].


    • Common areas: for vegetation and irrigation in common areas (mulch beds, green belts etc.) please contact your HOA (management company.)
    • Private property: for vegetation and irrigation on your private property, please use the form below to request warranty service through Boulder Creek.
    • Warranty Service Request Form

      Items submitted for warranty review will be evaluated for warranty eligibility by the conditions set forth in the Residential Construction Performance Guidelines Consumer Reference (provided to you in your Legal Part binder at time of contract). Please be sure to review this document for any and all potential warranty items to understand the material standards and workmanship in your new home.

      Contact Information

    • Warranty Request Item(s)

      Non-Emergency Issues:

      [Non-immediate items e.g., drywall nail pops, rubbing doors, loose trim, etc.]

    • Please expect a response within 3-5 business days.
    • Drop files here or
      Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, pdf, png, gif, doc, docx, Max. file size: 128 MB.
      • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

      Warranty Services provided by Boulder Creek Builders, LLC.



      Resources - Lower-Maintenance

      Suggested Home Upkeep

      Boulder Creek Neighborhoods ® is proud of the homes we build, and we strive to create long-lasting durability and efficiency through construction techniques that meet or exceed industry standards. Our HOA communities promote a lower-maintenance lifestyle, however, proper upkeep of your home and all of its components is necessary to minimize the potential for major home repairs.


      Many times, a repair handled promptly, or a minor adjustment prevents a more serious, time-consuming, and often costly repair later. Additionally, neglect of routine maintenance can void the applicable limited warranty on all or part of your home. By caring for your new home attentively, you ensure your enjoyment of it for years to come. A home that functions well, lives well.


      Boulder Creek recognizes that it is impossible to anticipate and describe every attention needed for good home care, but we will cover many important details. These lists may discuss some components that are not present in your particular home.


      Learn more about our recommended homeowner maintenance below, or download the complete PDF.

      Routine Year-Round

      Boulder Creek strives to deliver top-notch customer service while doing our best to preserve your lifestyle. We have put together some practical maintenance recommendations so you can keep your home running like a well-oiled machine… because a home that functions well, lives well.

      • Clean all flooring materials regularly.
      • Clean countertops regularly.
      • Clean kitchen appliances regularly.
      • Gently scour tubs and shower enclosures, kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks weekly.
      • Replace batteries in smoke/carbon monoxide detectors and test their function regularly.
      • Replace light bulbs as needed.
      • Replace fresh air filters regularly.
      • Maintain a normal indoor relative humidity for your hardwood floors (as applicable).


      In Colorado, spring can bring all kinds of surprises. Whether it’s a foot of snow in the middle of May, or an 80-degree day at the beginning of March, Boulder Creek encourages each homeowner to be ready for anything by following our spring maintenance recommendations… because a home that functions well, lives well.

      • Check your dryer vent for lint build-up.
      • Inspect clothes washer and dryer hose connections.
      • Change the direction of your ceiling fan to clockwise in order to create a downward draft that pushes cool air down to the floor (if applicable).
      • Clean cabinets and adjust hardware as needed.
      • Inspect plumbing lines and all sinks for potential leaks, and clean aerators on faucets.
      • Perform a visual inspection of your attic space.
      • Inspect and clean the tracks and weep holes on your windows.
      • Clean and lubricate your sliding glass patio door track(s) and screen door (if applicable).
      • Perform a visual inspection of the exterior of your home.
      • Ensure that water is turned on to exterior sprinkler system (if applicable).
      • Inspect air conditioner(s).
      • Clean and inspect gutters and down-spouts for blockages.
      • Inspect your deck/patio for loose boards, splinters, or deterioration (if applicable).
      • Inspect your overhead garage door and lubricate hinges, springs, rollers, and tracks.


      Summer in Colorado means camping trips to the mountains, hiking in the foothills, and soaking up the mountain sun. Before you head out, be sure to follow our recommendations for summer home maintenance and ensure peace of mind while you’re out hiking that fourteener… because a home that functions well, lives well.

      • Clean your whole-house humidifier (if applicable).
      • Clean your bath fan vents and grilles.
      • Check GFCI (circuit breakers) and outlets for operation.
      • Inspect your door thresholds and adjust as needed.
      • Clean the exterior of your windows.
      • Inspect for settling around your home. Settling of the grade around your home could have dire consequences for your home’s foundation.


      In Colorado, fall is a time to take advantage of a perfect window of change. After visiting the mountains to see the aspen trees change colors, your next priority is making sure your home is prepared for the approaching winter. As the leaves begin to turn and the days cool, please follow our recommendations for home maintenance during the fall season… because a home that functions well, lives well.

      • Replace furnace filter(s) (refer to manufacturer service recommendations) and test furnace operation.
      • Check for any leaks in windows or doors.
      • Change the direction of your ceiling fan to counterclockwise in order to create an upward draft that redistributes warm air from the ceiling (if applicable).
      • Clean fireplace surround, glass, and check operation (if applicable).
      • Hot Water Tanks (if applicable): Inspect your water heater and test its pressure relief valve (PRV).
      • Hot Water Tanks (if applicable): Prevent mineral buildup in your water heater.
      • Tankless Water Heaters (if applicable): Have a certified Rinnai® technician service your tankless water heater annually.
      • Avoid unwanted sewer smells by refilling dry plumbing traps (“P-traps”).
      • Inspect your door thresholds and weather stripping and adjust or repair as needed.
      • Inspect grout/caulking/paint.
      • Test your sump pump operation.
      • Have your fire suppression system inspected
      • Winterize the Homeowner-Controlled Sprinkler System and backflow preventer (if applicable).
      • Winterize hose bibs.


      Winter in Colorado can be unpredictable. Boulder Creek strives to help each homeowner get ahead of winter maintenance so you can enjoy your spontaneous ski trip to the mountains instead of spending a weekend repairing a frozen pipe. Follow our winter home maintenance recommendations to make sure that your home is prepared for the harsh winter weather… because a home that functions well, lives well.

      • Do not turn off your thermostat when you leave for an extended vacation.
      • If you suspect a frozen pipe, shut off the water main source and call a plumber.
      • Maintain a normal indoor relative humidity for your hardwood floors (as applicable).
      • Keep heavy snow/ice build-up from your furnace and water heater exhaust.
      • Do not use salt or ice melt products on driveways and/or walkways. These applications will cause spalling concrete.

    *Boulder Creek does not advertise or sell homes that are apartment-style “No-Maintenance” or “Maintenance-Free”.

    All Boulder Creek homes require that homeowners actively monitor and provide periodic maintenance of their homes. Maintenance videos provided here are suggested best-practices. Homeowners should always check the manufacturer’s most up-to-date maintenance suggestions before performing repairs or servicing products.