Experience Lower-Maintenance

We’re all about homes, but we’re more about living. Boulder Creek homeowners reclaim their free time by worrying less about their exterior home maintenance.

More Than a Home, It’s a Lifestyle

At Boulder Creek, a home is more than a home, it’s a lifestyle. A choice to relax, celebrate, and love life. Whether your motivation is to experience more out of life, reduce the stress that comes with home maintenance, right-size your home, or all of the above—you’re in the right place.

A lower-maintenance home from Boulder Creek Neighborhoods is designed to make your life easy. It’s the chance to live the life you’ve always intended, but never had time for. It’s a “quality time” philosophy that sets your dreams and aspirations free.

So what exactly is lower-maintenance living?

Lower-Maintenance Living

Every Boulder Creek community is created with a Neighborhood Lifestyle Association (HOA and/or Metrodistrict). These Lifestyle Associations are empowered to manage a handful of exterior home maintenance chores. Choosing lower-maintenance means you can leave these hassles behind. We calculate that’s around 4-6 hours each week freed up, leaving you more time to spend on the things you love.

Find the home that sets your best intentions free!

From Boulder County to Denver and beyond, you’ll find lower-maintenance neighborhoods that respect lives fully lived.

*DEFINITIONS AND DISCLAIMER: Boulder Creek Neighborhoods defines a “Low(er)-Maintenance Home” and a “Low(er)-Maintenance Neighborhood” as homes located in a ‘Common Interest Ownership Community’ (as defined under State of Colorado law) with a Home Owner’s Association (“HOA”) having Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (“CCRs”) requiring the HOA to provide periodic maintenance of landscaping, snow removal and other limited periodic maintenance of the exterior portions of the homes, as set forth in the CCRs.

Boulder Creek does not advertise or sell homes that are apartment style “No-Maintenance” or “Maintenance-Free”. All Boulder Creek homes require that home owners actively monitor and provide periodic maintenance of their homes. The specific items and extent of exterior maintenance of homes and / or landscaping provided for each Boulder Creek home will vary by neighborhood based upon the specific CCRs and HOA policies of each neighborhood.

Please visit a Boulder Creek Information Center to review and learn about that specific neighborhood’s CCRs and associated HOA maintenance items and monthly fees.​