• is, a single family, lower-maintenance home
  • is, a smaller home for a fuller life
  • is, a new way to think about what you need from a floorplan


  • is not, a no maintenance apartment, townhome, or condo
  • is not, a “tiny house” or a McMansion
  • is not, a fixer-upper with expected maintenance and surprise repairs

Rethink the conventional & say hello to wee-Cottage®

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Housing Evolution In The U.S.

Since the 1970’s… the average cost per square foot has remained relatively stable (inflation considered). This means the majority of the increase in cost for housing has come from other factors…such as the overall square footage of the home.

Housing Evolution In The U.S.

(Source: Census Bureau “Characteristics of New Housing”)





What if a smaller home is the key to a fuller life?

Boulder Creek’s wee-Cottage® home collection aims to re-align the progression society has taken towards “bigger is better”… and instead offering a home with less square feet, allowing you to spend more time doing the things you love.



A lower-maintenance home that’s a smaller size, a more clever design, and a lower price than you’d probably expect to find in a new home.  Challenge the traditional, and discover an innovative new way of living. 


The many shapes, styles & sizes of wee-Cottage®




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